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Polish pharma sector at CPhI China 2019

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2019-06-18 11:10:17
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Polish Investment & Trade Agency organizes a Polish Stand during 2019 edition of CPhI China in Shanghai as a part of the Promotion Program, aiming to increase awareness and promote selected branches of Polish economy abroad. /English & Chinese version/



- For the second consecutive year, Poland will actively participate in the largest pharma trade event in China. Our pharma and life science companies are becoming more export-oriented and we are happy to help them in exploring new opportunities in Asia’s largest market - says Dr Andrzej Juchniewicz, Shanghai Bureau Chief of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.


In adittion to Polish national stand, following polish companies representing biotech and pharma sectors will also take part in the event in Shanghai:

  • Polpharma - the largest Polish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and a leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market. It actively operates in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Company has 7 manufacturing plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, and 7 research and development centres. Manufacturer of a wide range of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals for in-patient care.
  • Greenvit - a botanical extract manufacturer from Poland, established in 2010. Greenvit’s mission is to improve the overall quality of natural ingredients used by pharmaceutical and food manufacturers worldwide by implementing innovative projects related to production of natural and pro-health products.


Poland is a booming country among Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) members of the EU and prospects for biotech/pharma industries reflect that position. According to research and consulting firm GlobalData: the Polish pharmaceutical industry is set to rise from $9.4 billion in 2016 to around $11 billion by 2021.


According to latest data, more than 200 companies carried out activities in biotechnology field in Poland employing almost 9000 people. Main trends include:

  • Biosimilars
  • New, innovative drugs based on small molecules
  • Large scale production of advanced generic drugs.


Poland’s pharmaceutical market is the largest in Central Europe and the 6th largest in the EU, employing more than 130 thousand people in 200+ companies.


Main competitive advantage of Polish biotech/pharma industries are widely perceived to be advanced versions of generic drugs and competitive prices.


Polish industry takes a lot of its strength from close cooperation with well-established educational clusters traditionally providing much needed highly skilled university postgraduates.


Main biotech/pharma clusters and companies are located in the following cities: Gdynia, Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Wroclaw, and Cracow.


CPhI China will be held on June 18-20, 2019 in Shanghai (Shanghai New International Expo Center). As a part of the event the press briefing will be held on June 19 at the stand run by Polish Investment and Trade Agency.


Source: Polish Investment and Trade Agency (


Poland at CPhl China 2019


波兰投资贸易局参展 CPhI China 2019




  • Polpharma - 波兰最大的制药企业,也是波兰医药市场的领导者。它积极在中欧和东欧、高加索和中亚市场开展业务。公司在波兰、俄罗斯和哈萨克斯坦设有7家制造厂和7个研发中心。生产多种处方药和住院病人护理药品。
  • Greenvit - 是一家来自波兰的植物提取物制造商,成立于2010年。Greenvit的使命是通过实施与生产天然和健康产品相关的创新项目,提高全球制药和食品制造商使用的天然成分的整体质量。





  • 生物仿制药
  • 基于小分子的新型创新药物
  • 大规模生产先进的仿制药。










资料来源:波兰投资贸易局 (